Kerma - Capital of 3rd Cataract
Kerma Deffufa
Kerma Aten Temple
The site is massive covering 20 square Km comprising the Western Deffufa, the Eastern Deffufa and Dokki Gel and a number of other small sites. Pre-Kerma culture equates to the A Group, (3500 – 2200 BC) but Kerma site’s history begins in the late 3rd Millennium and extends into the late New Kingdom. Early Kerma culture dates to 2100 BC, Middle Kerma 2000 BC to 1700 BC and Classic Kerma to 1700- 1550 BC disappearing with the New Kingdom Conquest which leaves its record until the late 13th C BC, although some aspects of Kerma culture survived until 1450 BC. The site continued in use into the Napatan and Meroitic periods.