Soleb and Sedeinga - New Kingdom Temples
Soleb Temple
Solar court of Soleb Temple
Sedeinga Temple
Hator Column of Sedeinga Temple
The most important monument at Soleb is the Amun temple built by the King Amenhotep III (XVIII Dynasty) by the same architect who built his funerary temple in Luxor, Amenhotep son of Hapu. On the walls are famous scenes representing the king’s Jubilee “Sed Festival”. The town was surrounded by a wall, now eroded. The necropolis, in use already in Prehistoric times, was reused during the New Kingdom in the reign of the King Tuthmosis III, near-by a large Meroitic necropolis is located. Sedeinga is famous for the temple of the Queen Tiy, wife of the King Amenophi III. Of these monuments only a Hathor column is still standing; the other remains lie on the ground. The name of this monument was Adaya “Hat-Tiye” (House of Tiy). The area is very rich in remains dated to the XXV Dynasty. A big necropolis composed of 400 pyramids in mud brick covered an area of almost more than one km. One of these pyramids is said to be the real tomb of Taharqa. Scenes of the Sed Feast, the portrait of this King and his cartouche are carved on it.