New Nubia Museum - Wadi Halfa
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Almost 150 Km of the northern part of Sudanese Nubia was submerged by the water of the High Dam. In ancient times this was the place where the Egyptians built imposing fortresses which today emerge from time to time when the water is very low. Temples, cemeteries and settlements were also crowding the area. Some temples (Aksha, Semna West, Semna East, Kumma and Buhen) were dismantled during the UNESCO Campaign and relocated in the garden of Khartoum Museum. Today the small village which has been rebuilt in the place after the High Dam is the first place of life found after the Egyptian border. Here the Sudanese Authorities have planned to build a museum for the preservation of the rich heritage of that splendid past. The location of this museum in such an area could be a key point for the development of the tourism of the North of Sudan being located only 65 km from the world famous and much visited site of Abu Simbel.